American Woodlands

by J Sutton

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a collection of nine covers that i, j sutton, created to give a taste of how my musical stylings are coming along and what my primary influences are currently. enjoy and please buy if you liked it. sorry it's got a price tag, wanted to try and make a bit of money this time.


released April 23, 2017

J Sutton - vocals, piano, software, song choices
album cover created by Ashtiel (



all rights reserved


Patent Enterprise, Alabama

J Sutton is Patent, a music project of lo-fi, post-rock, and emo tendencies that hails from Alabama.

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Track Name: get innocuous
home in the late night
and away
away in the half life
except saturday
crushed by the boring
until plagued
plagued by the tourists

when once you had believed it
now you see it sucking you in
to string you along with the pretense
and pave the way for the coming release

you can normalize
don't it make you feel alive

get innocuous
Track Name: naomi
your prettiness is seeping through
out from the dress i took from you
so pretty
and my emptiness is swollen shut
always a wretch i have become
so empty

and please please please don't leave me here

i'm watching naomi: full bloom
i'm hoping she will soon explode
into one billion tastes and tunes
one billion angels come and hold her down
they could hold her down until she shines

i'm tasting naomi's perfume
it tastes like shit and i must say
she comes and goes most afternoons
one billion lovers come and love her now
they could love her now and so could i

there is no naomi in view
she walks through cambridge stocks and strolls
and if she only really knew
one billion angels could come and save her soul
they could save her soul until she shines

so pretty

and please please please don't leave me here
Track Name: stop smoking
stop smoking
we love you
and we don't want you to die
Track Name: in the aeroplane over the sea
what a beautiful face
i have found in this place
that is circling all around the sun
what a beautiful dream
that could flash on the screen
in the blink of an eye and be gone from me

soft and sweet
lemme hold it close and keep it here with me

and one day we will die
and our ashes will fly
from the aeroplane over the sea
but for now we are young
let us lay in the sun
and count every beautiful thing we can see

love to be
in the arms of all i'm keeping here with me

what a curious life
we have found here tonight
there is music that sounds from the street
there are lights in the clouds
anna's ghost all around
hear her voice as it's rolling and ringing through me

soft and sweet
how the notes all bend and reach above the trees

now how i remember you; how i would push my fingers through your mouth to make those muscles move that made your voice so smooth and sweet. but now we keep where we don't know. all secrets sleep in winter's clothes, and the one you loved so long ago, now he don't even know his name.

what a beautiful face
we have found in this place
that is circling all around the sun
and when we meet on a cloud
i'll be laughing out loud
i'll be laughing with everyone i see

can't believe
how strange it is to be anything at all
Track Name: a warm place
the best thing about life is knowing you put it together
Track Name: tiny planets
spent the night in the crook of your arm
that i held too long and now he's gone
lose my cool in the heat of goodbye
but i'm not wrong, i can't be wrong this time

you're the reason why
i can never hide
lying side by side
this is worth a try

tiny planets, i said too much
between your guts and my bad luck
but maybe this time you're watching me too
nothing to do but i really think i like you

you're the reason why
i can never hide
lying side by side
this is worth a try

impending atrophy
this is killing me
say you'll stay with me
Track Name: famous prophets (minds)
apologies to future me's and you's
but i can't help feeling like we're through
the ripping of the tape hurts my ears
in my years, i've never seen anyone quit quite like you do
twin bruises on my shins
from where i kicked the back of the seat in
they meant what i went through for you
but now they're they're gone

these teenage hands will never touch yours again
but i remember you, you had a body
you had hands and arms and legs and etc
stuck in a body, stuck in a mind
stuck in one body, stuck in one mind
for the rest of your life
this is the rest of your life

why did god throw you down upon my head
making shock yellow light emit from my nostrils
and smoke pour from my ears and my hair stand up on end
i was fried alive and now i’m a target for next time
leviathan was powerful and inevitable
i fell in love with my fate as it crushed me to death

we gotta go back


don't get too impressed
you might lose your breath
don't predict your death
cause i liked you the best
don't you fall apart
you might lose my heart
you know i like you art

the great transgressions of wurtz
as before, i will not regret the punishment
the ocean washed over your grave
the great transgressions of will
as before, i will not resort to punishment
the ocean washed open your grave

he said go out and stand on the mountain
for the lord was about to pass by
now there was a great wind
so strong it was breaking rocks into pieces before the lord
but the lord was not in the wind
and after the wind an earthquake
but the lord was not in the earthquake
and after the earthquake a fire
but the lord was not in the fire
and after the fire a sound of sheer silence
Track Name: kid war
abram had isaac, isaac had jacob
jacob had judah and his brothers
judah had perez and there was tamar
perez had hezron, hezron had aram

i could hate you

aram had amminadab, amminadab had nahshon
nahshon had salmon, salmon had boaz
boaz had obed, obed had jesse
they all fell into babylonian exile

i could hate you
i hate you